Thursday, 6 April 2017

Leader Quotes

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Leader Quotes  :

1.A Leader Leads by Example not by Force.

2.Great leaders inspire greatness in others.

3.To be a great leader,you must be a great listener.

4.True leaders don't create followers they create more leaders.

5.Compliment People.Magnify their strengths,not their weaknesses.

6.A Leader is someone who demonstrates what's Possible. - Mark Yamell.

7.A Leader is one who knows the way,goes the way,and shows the way. - John C.Maxwell

8.Leaders become great,not because of their power,but because of their ability to empower others. - John Maxwell.

9.If your actions inspire others to dream more,learn more,do more and become more,You are a Leader. - John Quincy Adams

10.Great Leaders don't set out to be a Leader..they set out to make a difference.Its Never about the role-always about the Goal.