Thursday, 6 April 2017

Get Well Soon Quotes

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Get Well Soon Quotes :

1.A Get-well wish especially for you.

2.Get well soon my thoughts are with're always in my heart.

3.I Miss U Everyday.I'm always thinking of you,so this is what i say,Get Well Soon.

4.Here's hoping this little get well wish will give your spirits a great big lift.

5.As you Rest and Heal know that you are thought of warmly and wished a quick recovery.

6.It Pains me that you're still fighting with this illiness hope to see you Get Well Soon.

7.I'm sending a little angel your way...To shower you with love & care! Hope you Get Well Soon.

8.Medicines will only cure your body but i promise,that our frienship will heal your soul,Get well soon.

9.It may take a doctor to diagnose someones's disease,but it takes a friend to recognize someone's suffering.I feel you me friend,Get well soon.

10.Iam praying that you Get Well Soon and receive all the comfort and encouragement that you need in the meantime.Wishing for your speedy Recovery.