Thursday, 6 April 2017

Friendship Messages

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Friendship  Messages :

1.A Friend like a joy forever!I'm so glad,I have you!

2.Our friendship is like a cup of tea...a special blend of you and me.

3.Thank god friendship does not cost anything.If it would,then it was really difficult for me to afford you.

4.Our friendship helps me bloom into the person I am I need you like how a flower needs sunshine..Thanks for everything.

5.Don't walk in front of me,i may not follow don't walk behind me,i may not lead just walk beside me and be my friend.

6.You make happiness worth sharing you make my dreams worth believing thanks for being my friend you make my life worth living.

7.Frienship means understanding,not agreement it means FORGIVENESS,not FORGETTING.It means the memories last even if contact is lost.

8.I may lose something today,I may get anything else tomorrow.But,I can never lose and ever get one thing anf thats 'YOU' so,be my friend forever.

9.With you beside my friend.I have seen my world becoming a beautiful place...My dreams turning into reality.Happy Friendship u my friend.

10.A friend is someone listens to your stories,A friend is someone to kill all your worries,A friend is sweet just like you are,A friend is brighter than any other star.