Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Best 10 Family Quotes Images-Short Family Quotes for Whatsapp and Facebook.

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Best Family Quotes and Images : We have Collected here Best 10 Family Quotes and Images.Share your Favorite Family Quotes,Family Quotes Images,Short Family Quotes with your Friends and Family Members in Facebook Messages or Whatsapp Status and Messages.

Family Quotes : Best 10 Quotes and Short Quotes about Family

1.Family where life begins and love never ends.

2.The love of a family is lifes greatest blessing.

3.Every family has a story to tell welcome to ours.

4.It's not how big the house is,its how happy the home is.

5.Family is the most important thing in the world. - Princess Diana.

6.Family is not an important thing. It's everything. - Michael J. Fox.

7.You don't choose your family.They are God's Gift to you,as you are to them. - Desmond Tutu.

8.Parents were the only ones obligated to love you;from the rest of the world you had to earn it.

9.Families are like Branches on a Tree We Grow in different directions yet our Roots remain as one.

10.No family is perfect.We argue,We fight.We Even stop talking to Each other at times.But in the end, Family is Family.The love will always be there.

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