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Happy Baisakhi 2018 : Vaisakhi Wishes in Punjabi and English Quotes and Greetings

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Baisakhi 2018 : Wishing you a Very Happy Baisakhi Day 2018.Vaisakhi or Baisakhi Festival is Celebrated on 14th April 2017.Here We Collected Best Happy Baisakhi Quotes and Baisakhi Wishes in English and Punjabi,Hindi.You Can Share your Favorite this Baisakhi Images,Quotes,Happy Baisakhi Wishes,Messages and sms,Baisakhi 2018 Greetings,You Can Share this Baisakhi Festival Quotes and Messages or Greetings with your friends and family members in Facebook and Whatsapp Messages and sms.

About Baisakhi Festival

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Baisakhi Festival (Punjab : ਵਿਸਾਖੀ) : is also Known as Vaisaki or Vaishakhi or Vasakhi.Festival of Baisakhi Celebrated on 13th or 14th April Every year .This Year Baisakhi 2017 Falls on 14th April.Vaisaki or Baisakhi is the Famous Festival in North India especially in Punjab.It is the Day People Thanks to God for Good Harvest.On this Day in 1699 Sikhs Tenth Guru Gobind Sing Ji laid the foundation of the Khalsa Path.And the Festival Highlights is People of Punjab Celebrated Baisakhi With the Performance of performance of the traditional Bhangra and Gidda dance and the Special Langar served at Gurudwaras.On this Celebrations of Baisakhi We Here Published the Baisakhi Wishes,Happy Baisakhi Quotes and ,Baisakhi Wishes With Images to Share this Festival Through Facebook Messages,Whatsapp Status,Mobile Messages and sms.

Baisakhi 2018 : Wishes,Quotes,Images and Greetings

Happy Baisakhi Wishes 2018

1.Wishing you of a very Happy and Prosperous Baisakhi. 

2.The new golden season has arrived Happy and Prosperous.Baisakhi.

3.Celebrated Baisakhi with joyous Music and Dancing Happy Baisakhi.

4.May waheguru be with you in all your endeavors on Baisakhi and always.

5.Hope your Baisakhi is filled with lots of fun and merriment.Happy Baisakhi.

6.May a Golden harvest of riches come your way wishing you all Happy Baisakhi.

7.May your blessed with bounty of the season,and a harvest of joy and Prosperity.

8.Accept my warmest wishes for you this Baisakhi May you have a beautiful year ahead.

9.May divine love and blessings of waheguru ji shower you and your family.Happy Baisakhi.

10.May you harvest all the fruits of your hard work from the previous year Happy Baisakhi.

Happy Baisakhi Quotes in English

11.May the divine waheguru bless you with joy,love,happiness,contentment and eternal peace.

12.May you have a bountiful harvest of love,happiness,peace,joy and prosperity.Happy Baisakhi.

13.May your Baisakhi be blessed with the bounty of the season and a harvest of joy and proseperity.

14.It’s Baisakhi ! So get drenched into the festive mood and let your heart dance to the rhythm of the drums.

15.Celebrate Baisakhi with the heart filled with fun,love and joy.Wishing you a prosperous and bountiful harvest ahead.

16.May this special day hold in store-the fulfillment of all hopes and dreams that you aspire for. Have a joyous Baisakhi.

17.May the cheerful festival of Baisakhi usher in good times and happiness that you so rightly deserve. Have a wonderful day.

18.Celebrate the joyful spirit of baisakhi with fun...It's the season to enjoy with your loved ones..friends and family.Happy Baisakhi.

19.Wheat crop is ready for harvest;Time to rejoice and feel nice;fruits to reap of blood and sweat;and get joyous and celebrate life.Happy Baisakhi.

20.May the enlighter of the world the divine guru bless you with comfort and happiness may he bestow upon you a life that is happy in each and every way Happy Baisakhi.

21.May this special day be the beginning of the year be full of success and happiness in everywhay and everything you do and bring you good luck and cheer.Happy Vaisakhi.

22.May the enlighter of the world the divine guru bless you with comfort and happiness may he bestow upon you a life that is happy in each and every way.Happy Baisakhi.

Baisakhi Messages in Punjabi and Hindi Text Messages and sms

23.Baisakhi de is paawan parv diyan sabnu vadhaiyyan.

24.Asi Apne Parivaar Walo tuhanu Sarya Nu,Baisakhi di vadhai dene hai,Rabb Mehar Kare.

25.Aj Baisakhi di eh shubh Kaddi tuhade te tuhade parivar waste khushiyan te Hasse da amber lagade 

26.Mere Dostan te Saheliyon nu,Mere verre te parjaya nu,Mere peena te jijeyan nu,Mere walo vaisakhi di lakh lakh wadhaayi hove ji. 

27.Nachle gaale humare saath,Ayi hai Baisakhi khushiyon ke saath,Masti mein jhoom aur kheer-poore kha,Aur na kar tu duniya ki parwa.Baisakhi Mubarak Ho.

28.Tussi Hasde yo sanu hasaan vaaste,Tussi rone yo saanu rovaan vaaste,Ek vaar rus ke ta vekho sohneyo,Marr javange tuhanu manaan vaaste.Baisakhi da din hai khushiyan manaan vaaste.Baisakhi diyan vadhiyan.

29.Khushboo teri yaari di saanu mehka jaandi hai,teri har ik kitti hoyi gal saanu behka jaandi hai,saah taan bahut der lagaande ne aun – jaan vich,har saah ton pehle teri yaad aa jaandi hai.Happy Baisakhi.

30.Oh Kheta di mehak,Oh jhumara da nachna,bada yaad aunda hai,tere naal manaya hoeya har saal yaad aunda hai dil karda hai tere kol aake Vaisakhi da anand lelaan Ki karan kam di majburi, Phir vi dost tu mere dil vich rehnda hain.Happy Baisakhi.

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Baisakhi or Vaisakhi Wishes,Happy Baisakhi 2017 Images and Baisakhi Quotes : I Hope you Like this Best Baisakhi Wishes,Happy Vaisakhi Images and Baisakhi Quotes in English and Hindi,Vaisakhi Wishes in Punjabi.Share this Happy Baisakhi 2018Wishes and Quotes or Whatsapp Status in Facebook Messages and Whatsapp Status or Through Whatsapp DP's.