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100+ {Updated 2018} Whatsapp Status 2018 : Latest Status for Whatsapp

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Whatsapp Status : Today We Collected Best Whatsapp Status 2018 to share with your Friends,Lover and Family Memebers in Whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.Here we Collected Latest,New and Best 100 + Whatsapp Status 2018.

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Whatsapp Status

100+ Whatsapp Status 2018

1.I Can and I Will.

2.Work Hard Dream Big.

3.Pain changes people.

4.Dream It.Wish It.Do It.

5.Sorry I can't be perfect.

6.I Just wanna sleep Forever.

7.Lose Yourself in the Music.

8.I'm not perfect,but i'm loyal.

9.Where words Fail Music Speaks.

10.Love is friendship set on fire.

11.Live every day like it's the last.

12.Happiness is having crazy friends.

13.Music is the medicine of the mind.

14.No Expectations,No Disappointments.

15.I Love my Haters,they make me Famous.

16.Enjoy Life.It Comes with Expiry Date.

17.Without music,life would be a mistake.

18.I don't trust words,I Trust Actions.

19.If you are Bad then call me your Dad.

20.Iam me and i won't change for anyone.

21.Attitude is my habit i can't change it.

22.Work Until your Idols Become your Rivals.

23.Sky above me,Earth below me,Fire within.

24.I didnt lose my mind..I just sold it online.

25.If opportunity doesn't knock,build a door.

26.I'm not always right.I'm just never wrong.

27.I'm sorry If I changed but you changed too.

28.Home : Where i can look ugly and enjoy it.

29.If you have crazy friends you have everything.

30.I May be a bad girl,but I'M a damn Good Woman.

31.I'm not lazy I'm just on my energy saving mode.

32.I was born Intelligent,but education Ruined me.

33.I Love that feeling I get when I see your smile.

34.In order to succeed,we must first believe that we can.

35.I Pretend to ignore you,but i really just miss you.

36.Can I Borrow A Kiss?I Promise I will Give It Back.

37.Always classy never trashy and a little bit sassy.

38.I don't want a perfect life i want a happy life.

39.Where there is no struggle there is no strength.

40.Before you Judge me,make sure you are perfect.

41.Don't take my kindness as a sign of weakness.

42.Dear Stomach you're bored not hungry.So shut up.

43.Trust is when the "Last seen at"doesn't matter.

44.Your Place is always remain empty for you I Miss U.

45.Sometimes the wrong person teach us the right lesson in life.

46.Your Future is created by what you do today not tomorrow.

47.Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

48.Life is a story makes yours the best setter.

49.Faceyour Problems,not facebook it.

50.I Know Im "Awesome"So I dont care about your.

51.Fashion fades,only style remains the same.

52.Life taught me a lot of lessons but I bunked those classes too.

53.Of Course i talk to myself.Sometimes i need expert advice.

54.Hope for the best,expect the worst,and take what comes.

55.Live Simply,Dream Big,Be Grateful,Give Love,Laugh Lots.

56.My attitude will always be based on how you treat me.

57.Don't Judge my choices without understanding my reasons.

58.Never waste your feelings on people who don't value them.

59.Never Accept to be Anyones second choice.You deserve more.

60.Never ignore the person who ignored the whole world for you.

61.Every whatsapp status is a silent message for someone special.

62.Be happy in front of people who don't like you,It kills them.

63.Boys will be boys as long as there are no girls in the Picture.

64.When People Treat you like they don't care,believe them.They Don't.

65.My head says,"who cares?"But then my heart whispers,"You do,Stupid.

66.Me and my best friends can communicate just with Face Expressions.

67.Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.

68.Trust is like an eraser,it gets smaller and Smaller after every mistake.

69.Respect is for those who deserve it,not for those who demand it.

70.You are the reason why I wake up every morning...Just Kidding I have School.

71.Fake People have an Image to maintain.Real People just don't care.

72.Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.

73.Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.

74.We fall in love by chance we stay in love by choice.

75.Wise men are not always silent,but they know when to be.

76.We all want to be different,which makes us all the same.

77.I'm Gonna Make the rest of my life,the best of my life.

78.Attitude is a little thing that makes a Big difference.

79.Girl I may be a real bad boy,but baby I'm a real good man.

80.Always remember that you are unique just like everyone else.

81.A Meaningful silence is always better than a Meaningless words.

82.I Allow myself to be a badass confident bitch in all that I do.

83.Smile in front of people who hate you.Ur happiness kills them.

84.Work so hard that one day your signature will be called an Autograph.

85.I don't have Attitude Problem.I have Attitude,the problem is yours.

86.In Life we achieve real success if we help others too in succeeding.

87.I Hate You,But I Love You,I Miss You and I need you.But I hate you.

88.A Promise means Everything But once it is broken,sorry means nothing.

89.Spending today Complaning about yesterday won't make tomorrow any better.

90.My heart chose you because you had something my mind had not even noticed yet.

91.Durig the day,I don't believe in ghosts.At night,I'm a little more open-minded.

92.The Toughest part of letting go is..Realizing that the other person already did.

93.The Moment I saw you,I knew we'd fall despertely in love get married have kids.

94.Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

95.God has that Perfect person picked out for you,remember his timing is perfect.

96.Iam a Good Enough person to forgive you.But not stupid enough to Trust you again.

97.I am responsible for what I say,but I am not responsible for what you understand.

98.I Love you for all that you are all that you have been and all you're yet to be.

99.I Love my sister she is simply amazing and I just couldn't imagine my life without her.

100.I am not with you but my love will always be lingering around you love you my sweetheart.

101.Single and in a relationship are just titles.Your heart determines your true relationship status.

102.True love isn't easy,but it must be fought for.Because once you find it,it can never be replaced.

103.Don't Trust too much,don't love too much,don't care too much because that 'too much'will hurt you so much.

104.The Best Portion of your life will be the small,nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.

105.Enjoy,Love,smile,be nice,be kind,care,but don't forget to share all this with people around you,specially those,who you like.

106.Life is not always perfect,but it's always what you make it.So make it count,make it memorable,and never let anyone steal your happiness.

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