Sunday, 19 March 2017

10+ Cool Messages and SMS in English For Mobile Cool Messages

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1.Give it all yu got.

2.Iam not Special I'M Just a Limited Edition.

3.Be Happy in front of your haters it kills them.

4.Need a hug from me?Always Around just open your arms.

5.Trust is like a Paper once its crumpled it can't be Perfect again.

6.I'm not therapist but i promise you this : I will listen.I Will Care.

7.I don't Hate you I'm just not Necessarily Exited about your Exisience.

8.I don't have Attitude problem I just have a Personality you can't handle.

9.Strangers think I'm Quiet.My Friends think I'm out going.My Best Friends know I'm completely Insane.

10.There is huge difference between zest and Torture.Zest is thinking and care of you and torture is more and more thinking and care about ourself.