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Happy Valentine Day Quotes 2018 -Romantic Quotes for Him and Her

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Best Valentine Day 2018 Love Quotes : On 14th February 2018 is a Valentine Day It is special day for Love Birds.Who are Celebrating this Eve here We Collected 101 Best Valentine Day Love Quotes see below.

 Best Happy Valentine Day Quotes

Best 101 Happy Valentine Day Love Quotes 2018 : Romantic Quotes For Husband and Wife

1.You are the rhyme in my lifes poem.

2.You are the first and last thing on my mind EveryDay.

3.Real love is when there is no expectations and no demands.

4.You've made my life beautiful!Happy Valentine's Day,Sweetheart.

5.Love is just love,it can never be explained.Happy Valentines Day.

6.Every moment i spent with you..is like a beautiful dream come true.

7.The Best thing to hold onto in life is each other.- Audrey Hepburn.

8.You will always be my one true Love.Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart.

9.A Rose speaks of love silently in a language known only to the Heart.

10.Valentine's day is just another excuse to tell you how much I Love You.

11.Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.-Robert Frost.

12.I Have fallen in love many times...Always with you.Happy Valentines Day!

13.Sweetheart Im so happy to have you in my life!you are very special to me.

14.Without you,I'm nothing with you,I'm something Together We're everything.

15.I Love you for not what you are but what i become when Iam there with you.

16.Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey - Lord Byron.

17.My heart is locked away and you have the key. I am all yours, my valentine.

18.God must have sent you in to my live,so there would always be love in my heart!

19.Happy Valentines Day! I Will always be there for you,will you be there for me.

20.True Love Never Dies it only gets stronger with time.Happy Valentines Day 2017.

21.We are two souls together for eternity. I am here for you with all of my heart.

22.I love it when my fingers are entangled in yours, and my head was on your chest.

23.I’m the luckiest girl in the world and it’s all because of you. Be mine, valentine.

24.These three things continue:faith,hope,and love...And the greatest of these is love.

25.Every single day ill keep you with me,no matter how far from me you are.-S.Stephens. 

26.You don't need someone to complete you.You only need someone to accept you completely.

27.A hundered hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.Happy Valentine's Day.

28.Diamonds and roses are awesome on Valentine’s Day, but having your love is enough for me.

29.When you are in love you can't fall a sleep because reality is better then your dreams.

30.In love the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two. - Erich From.

31.Thinking of you!Dreaming of you!Hugging you!Missing you!I Love you!Happy Valentines Day.

32.I Love you yesterday,I Love you still I Always Have...I Always will.Happy Valentines Day.

33.To love someone deeply gives you strength.Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.

34.Your love is the only reason why a beautiful spring is my life's only season...I Love You.

35.Valentines Day is just another excuse to tell you how much I Love You.Happy Valentines Day.

36.I let you go and you came back to me. Now we walk this path together. Happy Valentine’s Day.

37.True soul mates are together forever. I am ready to stay beside you, my true friend and partner.

38.Love doesn't make the world go round Love is what makes the ride world while. - Franklin P.Jones.

39.When you came into my life I finally got those arms where my soul will be always safe and secure.

40.Lets dance to our dreams together tonight.I am so happy to be seeing you and celebrating with you.

41.Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.Happy Valentine's Day.

42.Let me love you if not for the rest of your life then for the rest of my life.Happy Valentines Day.

43.This day is meant for celebrating love, and I am so happy we get to celebrate it together this year.

44.What I need to live has been given to me by the earth.Why I need to live has been given to me by you.

45.I keep myself busy with the things I do,but everytime I pause,I still think of you.Happy Valentines Day.

46.My heart to you is given:oh,do give yours to me;we'll lock them up together,and throw away the key.-Fedrick Saunders.

47.No poems no fancy words I just want the world to know That I Love You my princess with all my heart.Happy Valentines Day.

48.Do you know which is the most beautiful place in this entire world? Its the warmth of your arms that helps me find solace.

49.From the first time I saw you, I knew you would have my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day to the best husband I could have asked for.

50.I always looked for someone I could live with,but ended up finding someone I can't live without.I Love You.

51.Happy Valentines Day to the sweetest valentine I could want you are my sweetheart and I am glad you're mine.

52.I may not be your first love,first kiss,first sight or first date but I just want to be your last Everything.

53.Love is a gift from god and I have accepted this gift with open arms.I love you and promise never to leave you.

54.True love is the gift we all prossess it is the key to the Heart & the soul's Happiness you're my love,my life.

55.We Come to love not by finding a perfect person,But,by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly - Sam Keen

56.When you are in love you can't fall a sleep because reality is better than your dreams.Happy Valentines Day 2017.

57.Its does sounds funny, but yes, if a kiss could tell how much i love you, i will keep kissing you forever and ever.

58.Happy Valentines Day Dear.Love is Being close to you and your warm touch on valentine Day I Send All My Love to you.

59.Happy Valentines Day to the person who has managed to make me smile every single day we've been together.I Love You!

60.True love is neither physical,nor romantic.True love is an acceptance of all that is,has been,will be and will not be.

61.You can close your eyes to things you don't want to see,but you can't close your heart to things you don't want to feel.

62.If you live to be a hundered,I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.-A.A.Milne.

63.I Just cannot wait to meet you and to see your face.I dont want to live without you.I Love you so much.God Bless our Love.

64.Everything and Nothing these are the two states of my heart depending on whether you are with me or away from me.I Love You.

65.I Love you in so many ways,and for so many reasons,but mostly because you're my very best friends.Happy Valentines Day 2017.

66.I Love your warm smile and your kind,thoughtful way,I love the joy that you bring to my life every day.Happy Valentine's Day.

67.The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.They must be felt with the Heart. - Helen Keller.

68.Happy Valentine’s Day to my handsome guy. I am proud to be yours and love being with you on this day and each chance we can get!

69.Valentines Day is a time to celebrate the joy of being in love.Unless you're single & lonely then its called laundary Day.-Dane Cook

70.Words are not enough to express how much I Love you,But one thing is for sure,my life is meaningless without you.Happy Valentines Day.

71.You're not just my friend,you're my LOVE,You're not just my love,You're my HEART,You're not just my heart,you're my life,You're my Everything.

72.You are the only man i dream about in night and the only one with whom i want to wake up in the morning. Please turn my dreams into a reality.

73.When I first met you I knew in a moment I would have to spend the next few days re-arranging my mind so there would be room for you to stay.

74.Love is more than longing gazes, dancing in the rain and candlelight dinners, but I am so glad we experience all of that and more. I love you!

75.I enjoy thinking about you but the thing I enjoy most is being with YOU.Missing you a lot on this valentines day.Happy Valentines Day My Dear!!

76.Love is life.All,everything that I understand,I understand only because I love.Everything is,everything exists,only because I love - Leo Tolstoy.

77.You have a way of making me feel so safe and loved. This Valentine’s Day I give you my heart once again, and I hope you can see how much I love you.

78.With your love close to my heart...I can ask for nothing more near or far,wherever i go...you will be my companion forever I love u.Happy Valentines Day.

79.When I tell you I Love you I don't say it out of habit or to make conversation.I say it to remind you that you're the best thing that ever happend to me.

80.Valentines is a time for love a time for celebrate life a time to give and for give and a time to say a prayer for who touched my life.Happy Valentines day.

81.It is not what you have done for me that makes me love you so much,It is the joys of who you are,and the happiness you bring.Happy Valentines Day.I Love You.

82.You have integrity, charm, a kind smile, the most gorgeous eyes and warm arms to hold me tight. Happy Valentine’s Day to the man who holds my heart day and night.

83.You inspire me and make me feel special. When I’m with you, I’m perfect and complete. I love this feeling you give me. And I really hope that you feel just the same! Happy Valentine’s day, honey!

84.Even though you are my valentine by default because you are my wife,I want you to know that you still give me those 5th grade valentine's Day feelings.Happy Valentines Day.

85.Even though we dont get to be with each other as much as we'd like...I wanted to let you know In the morning...In the night...u are on my mind...24x7! Happy Valentine's Day.

86.Time is too slow for those who wait,too swift for those who fear,too long for those who grieve,too short for those who rejoice,but for those who love,time is eternity.-Henry Van Dyke

87.This Valentine's day,I want to lay you down,on a bed of roses...And make love to you,like it was the end of the world.I want to touch you,feel you,I want to hold you,cares you,I want you.

88.Valentines day is a day to celebrate love and express it in the most meaningful way possible.I may have not been the best friend ever.but the love I have for you is here to stay.Happy Valentines Day.

89.You have been the first and will be the only one ever to touch my heart.Ever since the day I met you,my heart stopped beating for me.It beats for you,saying I love you with every beat.Happy Valentines Day My Dear.

90.Valentines Day is all about celebrating love,affection and a bond that holds two people together what can be more special than the special bond of friendship that we share?Happy Valentine's Day to you my friend.

91.I will always be beside you untill the very end whiping all your fears away being your best friends I'll smile when you smile and feel all the pain you feel and if you cry a single tear I promise I will cry too.I Love You.

92.I love you for those thousand reasons you gave me to simple in this world...Your love made me discover the real meaning of my existence,You made my world so complete that If i need to chose between loving you and my life...

93.I could say that I will never lie to you, I will never betray you and I will never stop loving you… But never say never. Instead I will say that I will always be honest, genuine and devoted to you. I will always love you, darling.

94.Love is art – beautiful, inspiring, but sometimes painful. Just as a real artist will suffer and live for the sake of art, real love will also endure pain and difficulties to become stronger and more beautiful. Happy Valentine’s day, darling!

95.For many years i experienced dreamless and dull nights. But the moment you came into my life, everything seemed just perfect and you changed the color of my dreamless nights.

96.Sometimes we make love with your eyes,Sometimes we make love with our hands,Sometimes we make love with our bodies.Always we make love with our Hearts.Happy Valentines Day 2017.

97.My life is a continuing journey and I’m happy that I have a really good and smart guide. You’ll never let me lost, you’ll never leave me alone. Thank you for being so kind and caring. I love you, darling!

98.Nothing matter’s when we are together. You’re my island of hope, my sun ray that lights the way. You’re my painkiller that makes me forget about pain and sorrows. You’re my love. Happy Valentine’s day, honey!

99.We are not flawless, but love does wonderful things and changes us for the better. Due to love I have become more patient, compassionate and kind. Thank you, my darling, for making me a better person. Happy Valentine’s day!

100.Happy Valentines Day
  If I never MET you,I wouldn't LIKE you,
  If I didn't LIKE you,I wouldn't LOVE you,
  If I didn't LOVE you,I wouldn't MISS you.
  But I did,I do,and I will.

101.On this valentines I admit that
  Its your sight which makes me nervous,
  Its your voice which makes me shivers,
  Its your presence that tinkels my bones,
  Its your eyes those are killing me,
  Its you for which my heart goes restless...
  Dear,On this Valentines Day.I admit I Love You!
  Happy Valentines Day. 

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