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30 Best Angry Quotes for Facebook and Whatsapp Status and Messages

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Quotes About Angry : Are you Angry ? Do you want to free from you Angry or you want to show Angry by Quotes.Here we Collected 30 Angry Quotes for Facebook and Short Angry Quotes for Whatsapp Messages and Status.Share the Quotes that you like in Social Network or other Platforms.For Angry Quotes See below.

Best Angry Quotes for Facebook and Whatsapp Status : Quotes about Angry

Best Angry Quotes

1.Anger is one letter short of danger.

2.Even the Nicest people have their Limits.

3.I've been acting like I'm okay but I'm not.

4.I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do.

5.My attitude will always be based on how you treat me.

6.Nothing strengthens frienship better than a good fight.

7.It's Easier to say you're mad than to admit you're hurt.

8.We met for a reason,either you're a blessing or a lesson.

9.My life,my choices,my mistakes,my lessons,not your business.

10.I hate the moment when suddenly my anger turns in to tears.

11.How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the
     causes of it. - Marcus Aurelius

12.A Quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough - Brucelee 

13.Sometimes I get to the point of frustration,that I just become silent.

14.Don't be angry with people who don't have the capacity to change.

15.Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind.

16.Anger is the devil that intervenes your sanity while you are in pain.

17.No matter how angry you get,you always end up forgiving the people Love.

18.Just because you're angry,doesn't mean you have the right to be cruel.

19.Anger doesn't solve anything.It builds nothing,but it can destroy everything.

20.Anger is nothing more than an outward expression of hurt,fear,and frustration.

21.Don't break anybody's heart,they have only one.Break their bones,they have 206.

22.Listen to people when they are angry,because that is when the real truth comes out

23.I wouldn't have to manage my anger,if people could learn to manage their stupity.

24.Never forget what some says to you when they're Angry.Becuase that is when the truth comes out.

25.Breakups hurt,but losing someone who doesn't respect and appreciate you is actually a gain not a loss.

26.Make your anger so expensive that no one can afford it and make your happiness so cheap that people can almost get it free.

27.Are people angry with me? sure,anything you do in your life,people are going to be Angry at you - Anne Heche

28.Forgive people in your life,even those who are not sorry for their actions.Holding on to anger only hurts you,not them.

29.Don't live your life with anger and hate in your heart.You'll only be hurting yourself more than the people you hate.

30.Jealousy releases anger and anger is the greatest and the ultimate enemy that can forever determine your judgement and ultimately withhold your destiny.

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